Amazon Dash buttons now come in digital versions

Amazon came up with an interesting way to order products with its WiFi-enabled Dash buttons not too long ago. The idea was to make it quick and convenient to order grocery products like garbage bags, cat food or detergent that people needed to buy on a regular basis. But what if you need to get some toothpaste, but that Dash button is nowhere near you? That’s where the newly revealed digital Amazon Dash buttons come in.

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These buttons are available for members of the Amazon Prime program. If you need to get some products, but either don’t have any Dash buttons at home or they are not available at that moment, Prime members can now go to the Amazon website and click on a digital Dash button to have those items sent to them automatically.

The virtual versions can also be sorted on the webpage, from most-used buttons to the ones you access the least. You can also label them if you want to make it easier to find your favorites, or delete any that you don’t want to use any more. If you do press a virtual Dash button and then quickly realize you made a mistake, Amazon allows you to cancel that order if the request is made within 30 minutes. If you purchase a physical Dash button, the Amazon site will automatically added its digital counterpart. Amazon has over 200 of them now, which costs $4.99 up front, but they also come with a $4.99 credit, making them basically free.

Check them out at Amazon

Deal: Pioneer AVH-4200NEX Android Auto Head Unit for $470 – 1/20/17

While Android Auto is available for any smartphone right now, there’s still a good reason to pick up a head unit like this one from Pioneer. It gives you a bigger display, and you don’t need to mount your phone every time you get in the car. Additionally, some units come with their own GPS signal which is often times a bit more accurate than the GPS signal coming from your smartphone. This head unit from Pioneer is one of the cheaper models available, but it does support both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, not to mention it has HD radio and access to Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Making it a great upgrade for any ride.

Over at, you can pick up the Pioneer AVH-4200NEX for just $469.99. But you can get it even cheaper if you opt to pay with a debit card or opt for no returns (or both), which can drop the price all the way down to $457.84. Now, if you are a new customer to, you can get an additional 15% off your order (actually your first three orders) by using the promo code TRIPLE15 at checkout. Pick up the Pioneer AVH-4200NEX from the link down below today!

Buy the Pioneer AVH-4200NEX Head Unit

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Report: Samsung Asking LCD Makers For $429 Million In Damages

Samsung Electronics is reportedly seeking $429 million in damages from Japanese trading house Kuroda Electric and two other suppliers of LCD panels, according to a new report out of Reuters. Samsung reportedly filed an arbitration request with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in New York City after its three former partners stopped supplying it with LCD panels. Kuroda Electric’s statement suggests that Samsung is demanding $429 million in damages from all three suppliers combined, though no further details on the dispute have been revealed.

While Kuroda Electric has not revealed the identity of the other two companies that stopped supplying Samsung with LCD panels, industry watchers are presuming Samsung is seeking compensation from Sharp and Foxconn. The two display makers stopped providing the Seoul-based tech giant with LCD panels in December, which makes them a likely target of Samsung’s ICC filing. Their joint venture Sakai Display Products reportedly stopped supplying Samsung with LCD panels in January in an effort to challenge the company’s dominance in the TV market. Industry sources claim that the consumer electronics giant purchased millions of LCD panels from Sakai Display Products for its TV sets in 2016, so the firm’s decision to drop its biggest client apparently made a large dent in Samsung’s supply chain. The Seoul-based tech giant is now likely looking for now suppliers and is reportedly even willing to consider its domestic competitors as future partners.

While TVs aren’t Samsung’s main source of revenue, they’re still generating significant profits on an annual basis seeing how the company has been the world’s largest television manufacturer since 2006. However, as former suppliers are now looking to challenge its market dominance, Samsung will have to find a way to negotiate new supply chains and continue producing large volumes of TVs if it wants to maintain its lead in this segment in the short run. In the grand scheme of things, the company’s strategy is to transition its LCD offerings to OLED panels, which is why it has recently been selling off its LCD-making operations and found itself in need of third-party suppliers seeing how its TV division isn’t migrating to new technologies as quickly as Samsung Display.

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BLUBOO’s Spring Festival Event Includes Chance To Win Smartphones

In China, most people right now will be preparing for Spring Festival and the Chinese New Year. One of the companies who is looking to start the Spring Festival celebrations a little early is BLUBOO. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is starting a new promotion today which includes discounts on some of their popular smartphone options, as well as the option to win some free products.

The first element of BLUBOO’s Sprint Festival event is that a number of BLUBOO smartphones will be on sale. For those looking for a new smartphone, the BLUBOO Dual is available for $99.99 and the main selling point with this smartphone is that it comes boasting a dual rear camera setup. Likewise, BLUBOO Edge is available for $109.99 and this smartphone’s unique selling point is that it comes with a dual curved design. Additional smartphones that will be on sale include the BLUBOO Picasso 4G for $116.99 and the 6-inch Maya Max which is available for $129.99. While for those looking for an even more affordable smartphone, BLUBOO will also have the 4.5-inch BLUBOO Mini on sale for $54.99 and the BLUBOO Maya will be available for $74.99.

However, the other aspects of the BLUBOO Spring Festival event include the option to win some free items. First off, 50 of those taking part in the BLUBOO Spring Festival event will win one of BLUBOO’s smartphones for free. While another 50 people taking part will effectively be able to pick up a BLUBOO smartphone for only $9.99. This will be possible due to BLUBOO refunding those smartphone buyers the difference being the price they paid and the $9.99 price. Last but not least, a number of people taking part will also have the opportunity to win a BLUBOO Uwatch smartwatch for free. For those interested in taking part in the BLUBOO Spring Festival event, the promotion begins today, Jan. 20 and runs through until Feb. 5. You can find out more about the event, what you can win, and how to enter, by heading through the links below. Alternatively, you can check out a new video released by BLUBOO which looks to further highlight the company’s Spring Festival Event and what is on offer.

BLUBOO Spring Festival Event BLUBOO Spring Festival Sale

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Extend Your LG V20’s Battery With ZeroLemon’s New Battery Case

ZeroLemon is pretty popular for their incredibly large capacity battery cases, and today they launched their latest battery case. This time for the LG V20. LG did include a 3200mAh battery inside the V20, which does perform somewhat well for the users that picked up the LG V20, but as we all know, it’s always great to have a battery backup available for those long days. And ZeroLemon’s battery case does just that. It increases the battery capacity from a measly 3200mAh to a whopping 10,000mAh. Since the LG V20 does have a removable battery, it does replace the existing battery with the much higher capacity battery.

Now, ZeroLemon sells this large 10,000mAh battery with a somewhat “boring” TPU case. There’s not a whole lot going for this case, and it looks more or less like a big brick. As expected, this case does add quite a bit of thickness to the LG V20, so it’s not something that you’ll likely want to have on your V20 every single day, but it is great to have on long days, and days where you’re traveling and spending loads of time in airports. This battery should effectively triple your battery life on the LG V20. And since the LG V20 does support Quick Charge 3.0, you should be able to charge this battery fairly quickly – at least quickly compared to a typical 10,000mAh battery.

ZeroLemon offers 180-day warranty on all of their products. So should anything go wrong with this battery case for the LG V20 you’ll be able to get it fixed up right away, and not worry about needing to buy a new one. This battery case is not cheap by any means. Amazon is offering up the ZeroLemon battery case for the LG V20 for about $59.99. That’s cheaper than most other battery cases – like the mophie options available for Samsung and Apple devices – but it is definitely a lower quality and not as good looking. This product is all about offering a ton of capacity for the user. Which it does well. You can pick up this battery case for the LG V20 from the link below.

Buy the ZeroLemon Battery Case for LG V20

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New Samsung Galaxy S8 Renders Suggest Dual Rear Cameras

Renders of the Samsung Galaxy S8 are popping up regularly with one of the latest ones only surfacing this morning and now some more renders have now come through courtesy of which show the back of the Galaxy S8, as well as the bottom end. These renders seem to indicate the possibility of a dual camera setup on the back and only one speaker. Which might be good news for some, but not so good news for others.

The renders show an extremely wide camera cut-out, much larger than you would need for just one camera. With rumors swirling around about a dual camera configuration – at least on the Galaxy S8 Plus – this could lend some credence to that rumor. An increasing number of manufacturers are starting to include dual cameras in their smartphones to increase the options for those interested in photography. Some of the dual cameras include one for colored shots and another for strictly Black and White photos while others offer an easy way to add more depth and genuine bokeh effects. The primary purpose of the camera is to take a great photo, but a second camera can enhance the original photo with special effects. Samsung does not want to be left out of this new trend, and so it may be likely the Galaxy S8, or Galaxy S8 Plus will include this feature.

Another render from this latest batch depicts the bottom side of the Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8 Plus and it clearly indicates that there will not be any dual speakers on offer. The conclusion is not to say that Samsung will use the bottom speaker and combine it with the earpiece speaker for dual speakers or even stereo sound, but that seems unlikely based on Samsung’s denial for the need of dual speakers. This bottom render also indicates there will be a 3.5 mm earphone jack, as well as a reversible USB Type-C jack for charging and data transfer.

Another interesting item we can see from these renderings is that there is the original power on/off button on the right, the volume up/down buttons on the left side, along with another button. It could be a dedicated button for Bixby, Samsung’s version of an AI assistant. We will find out soon enough exactly what the Galaxy S8 will look like, but these rumors and renders do add to the curiosity.

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Samsung and LG to include thermal pipes in their flagship phones

Thermal pipes in smartphones aren’t exactly new: the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge have them to better dissipate heat. But if reports coming out of South Korea are true, it looks like they might become more widely-used this year. According to DigiTimes, both Samsung and LG will adopt thermal pipes for more efficient heat dissipation in their upcoming flagship devices – the Galaxy S8 and the G6.

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Sony’s used thermal pipes in its flagship Xperia devices for quite a while now, but it wasn’t until Samsung’s Galaxy S7 announcement that they became a mainstream topic. It was the thinnest thermal pipe used in a smartphone, and Samsung’s system was slightly different than normal thermal pipes. The idea is simple: the porous structure on the inside lets the water absorb heat, turns it into steam, and moves it through pipes. After the heat dissipates, the steam liquefies and continues the process. Bottom line is that it was an effective and innovative way to control heat within the device.

The idea is simple: the porous structure on the inside lets the water absorb heat, turns it into steam, and moves it through pipes.

So effective that LG might be using it too for the upcoming G6. According to reports, LG will use heat pipes supplied by Furukawa Electric and Delta Electronics. This may explain Lee Seok-jong’s statement from a week ago claiming that the company’s new flagships will be significantly safer.

And for Samsung, we will continue to see the same thermal pipe technology that we saw in the Galaxy S7. The highly-anticipated Galaxy S8 was allegedly supposed to adopt two heat pipes, but apparently that plan was axed. DigiTimes claims that mass shipments of these heat pipes from Auras Technology and Chaun Choung Technology will begin in February, in time for the expected S8 unveiling in April.

Does your phone have a heat pipe? Do you notice any difference? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

T-Mobile adding ability to share T-Mo Tuesdays gifts, even with customers on other carriers

T-Mobile Un-carrier 3 event

T-Mobile is kicking off 2017 with a major new feature to its T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion.

Starting next Tuesday, January 24, T-Mobile customers will be able to share their weekly gifts with anyone else, including people on other carriers. Next week’s gifts include discounts of $0.25 a gallon of gas at Shell (up to 20 gallons) and two FandangoNOW movie rentals (up to $5), one of each for you and one for a friend. And yes, you do have to share one with someone else, as only one of each code can be used by a T-Mo customer.

Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday will also include a $15 Lyft credit that can be used by T-Mobile customers or shared with someone else. No matter who gets it, though, it’ll have to be used by Wednesday. New Lyft customers can snag another $15 credit for use Friday through Sunday.

T-Mobile says that select future T-Mo Tuesday gifts will be shareable, too.

We have a free NVIDIA Shield Android TV for an Android Central reader!

The new NVIDIA Shield Android TV is awesome, so why not enter to win one to satisfy all of your entertainment needs?

The second iteration of the Shield Android TV is a proper successor that shows NVIDIA knows just how to iterate on this platform. In an Android TV space that still lacks a robust number of choices — and even fewer good choices — the Shield Android TV stands as the box to get if you want a no-compromise complete experience. When you buy a new Shield Android TV you're not just getting a simple little box that you'll plug in and then forget about a couple months in — you're getting as close to a full entertainment system in a single box as you can reasonably expect. Awesome! So now that you want one, let's give one away! Keep reading for the details!

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We're giving away the new NVIDIA Shield Android TV!

New Sonos CEO wants integrations with Google Assistant, Alexa

Ok, Google, crank up the tunes on Sonos.

Patrick Spence took the reins at Sonos weeks ago, and a memo obtained by The Verge he sent out to the company when he did makes it no secret where he wants Sonos to expand in the face of increased competition: digital assistant integration.

Many digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa directly compete with Sonos, and it's not hard to see them chipping away at the company's market share. But rather than try to fight them head-on, Sonos wants to play nice with digital assistants in the hope that users will buy Sonos for better home speakers that will integrate easily with their chosen assistant.

Sonos doesn't want to play favorites.

Even better, Spence doesn't want to choose sides in the digital assistant dogfight: he wants Sonos to get along with all of the major assistants, "partnering and competing with global leaders like Amazon, Google and (likely) Apple." It's worth noting that Sonos is already in the process of integrating Alexa support for Sonos, and they public beta should open up sometime this year.

The letter goes on to encourage more action and innovation from Sonos employees, reminding them of the innovation that got the company to where it is today, but the commitment to finding a new place alongside the digital assistants that blindsided Sonos the last two years is a good start. Whether or not they can accomplishment remains to be be seen.